Design Letterbox Bellus

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Name Badge Mailbox 1
Detailed Information about the Name Badge (Comfortaa font)


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The “Bellus” letterbox combines function and design. The shapely construction is a consistent continuation of the letterbox design, and thus the ideal complement. This stand is made of solid sheet metal and can be either corroded or painted.

You can find more information under the following links:

Brevis Letterbox Stand
Stand Colour
Lock Type
Name Badge and No Advertising Stickers
Laser Cutting

Additional information

Weight100 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 40 cm
Stand Color

Anthracite Ral 7016 [+300.- sFr], Individual (Color Specification by Mail) [+350.- sFr], Pearl Mouse Grey Ral 7048 [+300.- sFr], Rust [+150.- sFr]

Right Side of the Stand

Individual Pattern [+450.- sFr], Name 2-Line (max. 16 Characters) [+350.- sFr], Name long (max. 16 Characters) [+300.- sFr], Name short (max. 8 Characters) [+250.- sFr], Number (max. 3 Characters) [+200.- sFr], Without Laser cut-out [+0.- sFr]

Laser Writing

Font 1, Font 10, Font 11, Font 12, Font 13, Font 14, Font 15, Font 16, Font 17, Font 18, Font 19, Font 2, Font 20, Font 21, Font 22, Font 23, Font 24, Font 3, Font 4, Font 5, Font 6, Font 7, Font 8, Font 9, Without

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